Data Policy

This policy describes the information we process to serve CodeNGo.

I. What kind of information do we collect?

To be able to deliver CodeNGo products, we need to process information about you. The types of information collected depend on the way you use our products. By checking CodeNGo settings, you'll learn how to access the information we collect and how to delete it.

What you do and do other people and information you provide and provide to other people.

  • Information and content that you provide. We collect content, messages and other information received from you when using our products, e.g. data provided when registering a CodeNGo account, creating content or sharing them, and when exchanging messages and other types of messages with other people. Our systems automatically process content and messages provided by you and others to analyze their context and content for the purposes described below.
  • Networks and connections. We collect information about people, pages, accounts, tags and groups that you are connected to and your interactions with them in our products, e.g. about which people you communicate with most often, or which groups you belong to. We also download contact details if you send, synchronize or import them from the device (eg in the form of address book, call list or text message list), and we use it to help you and other users to find people you may know and to other purposes listed below .
  • Your use method. We collect information about how you use our products, e.g. about the types of content that you display or respond to, about the features you use, about the actions you take, about people or accounts you interact with and about dates , frequency and duration of your activities. For example, we record when you use and when you last used our products and what posts, videos and other content you display in our products. We also collect information about how you use functions such as the camera.
  • Information on transactions made in our products. If you use our products to make purchases or perform financial transactions, we collect information about such purchases and transactions. These include payment data, e.g. numbers and other credit or debit card details, account data and information sent during transaction authentication, billing information, shipping information and contact details.
  • What others do and the information they provide about you. We also receive and analyze content, messages and information provided by other people who use our products. This may include information about you, for example when other people share your photo or comment on it, send you a message, or send, synchronize or import your contact details.

Information about devices

As described below, we collect information from computers, telephones connected to the Internet and other devices connected to the network (as well as information about these devices), through which you use our products, and combine information from various devices used by you. For example, we use information collected about your use of our products on your phone to better personalize the content (including ads ) or features that you see when using our products on another device, such as a laptop or tablet, or to check whether on another device you are taking action in response to an advertisement that we display to you on your phone.

The information that we obtain from these devices includes:

  • Device information : data such as the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery usage level, signal strength, available memory, browser type, application and file names and types, and plug-ins.
  • Operation of devices: information about activities and behaviors related to devices, such as whether the window is open in the foreground or in the background or information about mouse movements that help distinguish people from bots.
  • Identifiers: unique identifiers, device identifiers, and other identifiers, e.g. from applications or accounts you use, family device IDs (or other unique identifiers for CodeNGo products associated with the same device or account).
  • Signals from the device: Bluetooth signals and information about the Wi-Fi access points, beacons and cellular network transmitters nearby.
  • Data from device settings: information that, with your permission, can be obtained through the device settings enabled by you, e.g. access to your GPS location, camera or photos.
  • Network and connections: information such as the name of your mobile network provider or provider, language, time zone, mobile number, IP address, connection speed, and in some cases information about other devices located nearby or on your network.
  • Cookie data : data from cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings. Find out more about how we use cookies, the CodeNGo Rules for the use of cookies.

Information from partners.

Advertisers, application developers and publishers can send us information via their CodeNGo business tools, including social plugins (eg the Like button!).

Partners receive your data when you visit their websites or use their services, as well as through external entities with whom they cooperate. We require that before sharing your data with us, the partner has the right to collect, use and share them.

II. How do we use this information?

We use the information available (subject to your settings) as described below for the delivery and maintenance of CodeNGo products and related services described in the CodeNGo Regulations. Here's how we do it:

We provide, personalize and improve our products.

We use the information we have to deliver our products, including personalization of functions, content and to display suggestions (e.g. about groups or events that can take you interest, or topics that you may want to observe) in our products and beyond. In order to create personalized, unique and relevant products, we use your contacts, preferences, interests and actions based on data that we receive from you and other people (including all data under special protectionwhich you decide to share and upon which you give your express consent); information on how to use our products and interact with them and information about people, places and things that you are related to and which you are interested in in our products and beyond.

  • Information on CodeNGo and on various devices: We combine information about your activities in various CodeNGo products and on different devices to enable you to use all CodeNGo products in a more customized and consistent way anywhere. We can, for example, offer you to join a CodeNGo group. We can also further improve the way you use our products by automatically filling out registration forms (eg by entering your phone number) from one CodeNGo product when you create an account in another product.
  • Information related to the location: We use information related to the location, e.g. the place where you are currently located, your place of residence, the places you visit, and places and people near you to provide, personalize and improve our products, including ads , for you and other people. Information related to the location may be based on data such as the exact location of the device (if you allow us to download such information), IP addresses and information from the use of CodeNGo product.
  • Product research and development: We use the information we have to develop, test and improve our product, including research and surveys, and test new products and functions and solve related problems.
  • Advertisements and other sponsored content: We use information about you, including information about your interests, activities and contacts, to select and personalize ads, offers and other sponsored content that we display to you. Go to CodeNGo settings and learn more about how we choose and personalize ads and about the controls you have over the data we use to choose which ads and other sponsored content to show.

We provide measurement, analytical and other business services.

We use information we hold (including information about your activity outside of our products, e.g. about the websites you visit and the ads you view) to help advertisers and other partners measure the effectiveness and distribution of their ads and services and to understand the types of people that use their services and the way in which users visit their websites, or use their applications and services. Find out how we share information with these partners.

We care about the safety and integrity of users and data.

We use the information we have to verify accounts and activities, combat inappropriate behavior, detect and prevent spam, and other examples of misuse of products, maintain the integrity of our products, and to promote user and data security on CodeNGo and beyond. For example, we use our data to investigate suspicious activity or violate our policies or policies or to detect situations in which someone needs help.

We communicate with the user.

We use your information to send you marketing messages, messages about our products and to inform you about our policies and regulations. We also use them to respond to your requests for contact.

Research and innovation for social issues.

We use the information we have (including information from research partners with whom we work) to carry out and support research and innovation in the field of social assistance, technological progress, public interest, health and well-being. For example, we analyze the information we have about migratory patterns during periods of crisis and efforts to help.

III. How do we share this information?

We share information about you with other people in the following way:

Sharing in CodeNGo products

Individuals and accounts with whom you communicate and share information.

When you share information and communicate with products, you select the people you want to share with. For example, by posting your posts on CodeNGo, you choose their recipients. It can be a group, the community or a selected list of people. Your network also sees actions taken by you in our products, including responses to advertising and sponsored content. Owners of other accounts can also see who viewed their profile on CodeNGo Stories.

Public information is visible to everyone, both in our products and outside of them, even if someone does not have an account. This information includes your username on CodeNGo and any information you provide to the public.

Content shared or shared by others about you

Think about who you want to share with, because people who see your activity in our products can share your content with others in our products and beyond, including people and companies outside of your original audience. For example, when you share a message or send a message to a specific group of friends or to specific accounts, they can download the content to make their screen shots or share them again with others in our products or outside. Similarly, when you comment on someone's post or respond to someone's content, your comment or reaction is visible to anyone who sees the person's content, and this person can later change the audience.

Other people may also use our products to create content about you and share it with selected recipients.

Information on your active status or presence in our products.

People in your networks see signals about your activity in our products, including whether you currently have active status on CodeNGo, and when you have recently used our products.

Applications, websites and third-party integrated solutions based on or using our products.

When you use applications or sites that do not belong to CodeNGo or other websites that use or integrated with our products, they may receive information that you publish or share. Similarly, when you download or use third-party service providers, they can access your public CodeNGo profile and any information you provide to them. The types of information collected by such services of external partners are subject to their own rules and regulations, not this one.

To provide you with our basic functions, devices and operating systems with native versions of CodeNGo (eg if you have not developed your own applications) will have access to all information that you share with them.

New owner.

In the event of a change in the ownership of all or part of our products or their assets or the entity managing them, we have the right to transfer your data to the new owner.

Providing information to external partners

We work with external partners who help us deliver and improve our products, or use CodeNGo's business tools to develop their businesses. It is thanks to this cooperation that we are able to operate and provide free services to users around the world. We do not sell any information about you to anyone and we will never do it. We also impose strict restrictions on the way our partners use our data and disclose it.

Partners using our analytical services.

We provide aggregate statistics and data that help users and companies understand how others respond to their posts, ads, pages, and other content on CodeNGo and beyond. For example, page administrators receive information about the number of people or accounts that viewed their posts, responded to or commented on them, as well as aggregate demographics and other information that helps them understand how they interact with their site or account.


We provide advertisers with reports on what types of users are displaying their ads and how effective their ads are, but we do not share information that identifies your identity (e.g. your name and email address that you can use yourself to establish contact with you or who identify your identity) if you do not give us permission to do so.

Partners monitoring the results of the campaign

We share information about you with companies that collect aggregate data to provide our partners with analytical reports and campaign results.

Partners offering goods and services in our products.

If you subscribe to premium content or buy something from a seller in our products, the content creator or salesperson can get public information about you and other information that you provide to him and the information required to complete the transaction, including shipping and contact details.

Vendors and service providers.

We provide information and content to sellers and service providers who support our company, for example by providing technical infrastructure services, analyzing how to use our products, customer service and payment, or conducting surveys.

Researchers and scientists.

In addition, we provide information and content to research partners and researchers to conduct research that supports the development of achievements and innovation that support our company or mission, and which foster discovery and development of innovative solutions in the general wellbeing of societies, technological development, and public interest, health and well-being.

Law enforcement or requests of legal institutions.

We provide information to law enforcement authorities or in response to requests from legal institutions in the situations described below.

IV. On what legal basis are the data processed?

We collect, use and share the data we have at our disposal in the manner described above:

  • to the extent required to fulfill the CodeNGo Regulations ;
  • to a degree that does not exceed the permission you gave, which you can undo at any time in CodeNGo settings ;
  • to the extent required to ensure compliance with our legal obligations
  • to protect the basic interests of you or others;
  • to the extent required by public interest; and
  • to the extent required by the legitimate interests of CodeNGo or other entities, including our interest in providing an innovative, personalized, secure and beneficial service to our users and partners, insofar as these interests do not interfere with your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms that require data protection personal information.

V. How can the user exercise his rights under the REDO?

Under the Personal Data Protection Act (RODO), you have the right to access your data, correct it, transfer it or delete it. You also have the right to object and limit the processing of your data. Available rights include the following situations:

  • the right to object to the processing of data for direct marketing purposes, which you can enforce by using the unsubscribe link in this type of marketing message; and
  • the right to object to the processing of data in the areas in which we operate with a view to public interest, legitimate self-interest or external entities. You can enforce this right on CodeNGo.

VI. Data retention, deactivation and deletion of the account

We store your data as long as we need it to provide CodeNGo products and services or to delete your account - whichever comes first. This is determined individually and depends on such things as the nature of the data, the reason for their collection and processing, as well as the relevant regulations or operational needs.

If you delete your account, we'll delete the content you publish. This information can not be retrieved later. Information about you, shared by other people, does not belong to your account and will not be deleted.

VII. How do we respond to calls and court orders and prevent damage?

We may access information about you, maintain it and make it available to regulatory authorities, law enforcement authorities and other entities in the following situations:

  • in response to a subpoena, in the case of a good faith belief that we have such an obligation in law. We can respond to requests and orders when we believe in good faith that this is required by the law of the jurisdiction, applies to users in a given jurisdiction and is compliant with international standards.
  • When we believe in good faith that there is a need for: detection of fraud, unauthorized use of products, violation of our regulations or rules and other harmful or illegal activities, prevention of such activities or mitigating their effects, protection of us (including our rights, property or products), you and others (including as part of investigations) or to prevent risks to human life or health. For example, we may, where appropriate, exchange information about the reliability of your account with others, with a view to preventing fraud, abuse and harmful activity, both inside and outside our products.

The information we collect about you (including financial transaction data for purchases made on CodeNGo) may be displayed and retained for a long period if it is subject to an order or subpoena, investigation by law enforcement or investigation of violations of our terms or policies , or if storing them may otherwise prevent damage. We also reserve the right to store information about accounts blocked as a result of a violation of the regulations for at least a year to prevent further violations and other violations of our regulations.

VIII. How do we handle and send data as part of our global services?

We exchange information globally, both internally between CodeNGo and externally with our partners and entities around the world, with whom you make contact and which you share information in accordance with these rules. Information controlled by CodeNGo will be forwarded or sent to the United States or other countries outside your place of residence, or may be stored or processed in them for the purposes described in this policy. Such data transfers are necessary to provide the services specified in the Regulations CodeNGo service and to act in the world and provide the users of products. We use typical contractual clausesapproved by the European Commission and we rely on decisions of the European Commission stating an adequate level of data protection for specific countries, as appropriate, in the transmission of data from the EEA to the United States and other countries.

IX. How will we notify you of changes to this Policy?

Before making any changes to these policies, we will notify you about these changes by giving you the opportunity to review the new version before it becomes effective.

X. How do you contact CodeNGo if you have questions?

You can get more information about privacy policies on CodeNGo.

The administrator of your data is CodeNGo, which you can contact via the Internet or by mail at:

Last updated: March 01, 2019

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